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Although all people who stammer share some core-experiences in common, there are quite substantial differences in the circumstances in which different people’s stammering begins and in the ways it develops over time. As a result of these individual differences, when it comes to therapy and self-help, our needs also differ quite considerably. In order to address these differing needs as effectively as possible, in this online course we start by describing the three most common manifestations of stammering. Please read through these three descriptions and decide which one of them most accurately describes your own personal experience of stammering.

Then, having identified which of these three descriptions best fits your experience, we suggest that you follow the guidance provided for that experience –by clicking on the corresponding link.


1. Stammering with severe overt symptoms. You produce visible symptoms of stammering almost every time you try to speak. Anyone who hears you speak knows that you stammer. Because of the stammering you find verbal communication difficult and slow.

2. Stammering with mild overt symptoms. Although you stammer regularly, you often manage to say things without producing visible symptoms of stammering. Often you are able to keep going by swapping words around and by using various tricks or crutches. You don’t feel any great need to hide the fact that you stammer, but nevertheless, your stammering symptoms sometimes interfere with your ability to communicate and your lack of control over it undermines your confidence.

3. Covert stammering. You don’t stammer often, but you feel very bad about it. The most important thing for you is to hide your stammer. You don’t want people to know that you stammer. Consequently you go to great lengths to avoid producing overt symptom of stammering—either by avoiding speaking certain words, avoiding speaking to certain people, avoiding speaking in certain situations, or even avoiding speaking all together.


You can work through this course in your own time, moving forward at a rate that is best suited to you. If there are any bits that you find particularly difficult, you can go over them again and again, to ensure you have properly understood them. If you need extra help or guidance, you are always welcome to email us



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