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Welcome to the SSEP Online Course


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Who is the Online Course for?

This course is for people who stammer (stutter) who are self-motivated and who have an analytical approach to learning and understanding. So, if you are the sort of person who is inquisitive; if you enjoy studying and research; if you like to work things out for yourself; and if you like to experiment with new ideas, then it should suit you well. 


How is this Online Course different to other courses?

There are three main differences…

1. Unlike most other courses, this online course is designed to help you to develop a deeper understanding of your stammering (stuttering) and the factors that affect it. Consequently, in addition to teaching some powerful fluency-shaping and block-modification techniques, the course also includes a detailed theoretical module entitled “Understanding Stammering”. This theoretical module is every bit as important as the fluency techniques, and to gain maximum benefit from the course, we strongly suggest that you work through it alongside the various therapy modules.

2. We recognize that, in real life speaking situations, there is often a limited window of opportunity to get our messages across, and a certain speed is necessary in order not to miss the window of opportunity. Consequently, the techniques we teach are designed to help you get your messages across as quickly as possible in order to maximize the chances of successful communication.

3. People who stammer often get overwhelmed in real-life speaking situations and find themselves unable to put the techniques they have been taught into practice. Conscious of this problem, the two techniques we teach require a minimum of effort to employ. Indeed, one of the techniques: (the one called “the Jump”)  once learned, requires even less effort to employ than no technique at all! 


How to work through the online course

You can work through this course in your own time, moving forward at a rate that is best suited to you. If there are any bits that you find particularly difficult, you can go over them again and again, to ensure you have properly understood them. If you need extra help or guidance, you are always welcome to email us

Before starting, please work your way through the slideshow below, which gives a flavour of the SSEP’s approach to stammering self-therapy.























Having listened to the slideshow, if you wish to continue, please now fill in the introductory questionnaire.

We rely upon the data from the questionnaires  you complete to track your progress and to highlight any shortcomings in our materials. They are our only means of continuing to improve the course. So please, do fill in the questionnaires as requested. Even if the course completely fails to work for you and you abandon it half way through, your feedback will still help us to improve it so that other people can benefit.


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Good luck!



New Book!

The Perfect Stutter


By Paul H Brocklehurst

In this book, Paul recounts his own experiences of stammering and the impact it has had on his life and career. In particular he focuses on how it led him to practice Zen meditation and to study speech therapy and psycholinguistics and finally to complete a doctorate in experimental psychology—researching the role of anticipation in stammering. The book then goes on to discuss what is currently known about the condition and describes in detail  the research behind the development of the techniques used in our online course.

‘The Perfect Stutter’ is currently available in paperback and e-book formats Click here for further details