Travel to Etsaut

By Air

The two closest international airports are Lourdes-Tarbes (1hour 50 mins drive from Etsaut); and Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne. (about 2 hours 15 mins drive from Etsaut). Click here to see a map with airports and stations highlighted

Ryanair flies from London Stansted to both airports; Easyjet flies between London Gatwick and  Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne airport . Both are also used by Air France as well as a variety of other carriers. 

The easiest way to get from these airports to Etsaut is to hire a car at the airport and drop it off when you return. If you are coming together with other people, this may also well be the cheapest way. You can also use public transport to get from these Airports to Etsaut, although you may need to stay overnight somewhere if your flight arrives too late for the last train connections.

Please wait until we have confirmed your place on the retreat before booking any tickets!


Trains and Buses to Etsaut.

From Pau

Pau is the mainline train station nearest to Etsaut, it has direct connections to other major cities in France.  From Pau, there is a small branch line to Bedous, and from Bedous there is a linking bus service direct to Etsaut (The bus departure times are coordinated with the train arrivals, so when you arrive at Bedous station, the bus to Etsaut should be waiting outside in the station car park). Online tickets and timetables are also available from If you arrive at Bedous and there is no connecting bus, we can always pick you up.


From Lourdes-Tarbes airport 

Catch the Maligne des Gaves bus (or alternatively take a taxi) from the airport terminal and get off at Lourdes Railway station (Lourdes Gare SNCF), . Lourdes is the first town you come to. The bus journey takes 15 minutes (the Lourdes bus is marked Pierrefitte N./Soulom) there is one bus every hour. Timetable available at 

At Lourdes railway station, buy a ticket to Bedous. Change at Pau. Online tickets and timetables are also available from At Bedous station, take the bus to Etsaut (it should be waiting outside the station).

Currently, the last train from Lourdes with a bus connection (from Bedous to Etsaut) leaves Lourdes at 13.20* There is a later train at 17.03 but this has no bus connection from Bedous to Etsaut. If you arrive too late for either of these trains, and don’t want to stay overnight in Lourdes, please contact us and we will come and get you, either from Bedous (for free) or direct from the airport (for €40 to cover the petrol).


From Biarritz-Anglet-Bayonne airport 

Catch the bus from the airport terminal to Biarritz Gare SNCF. The bus journey takes about 4 minutes (or you can walk it in 20 mins).

At Biarritz railway station, buy a ticket to Bedous. Online tickets and timetables are also available from


If your flights do not coincide exactly with the start and end days of the holiday, you can always extend your stay in Etsaut beyond the dates of the event. We can organise this for you if you wish.


*Bus and train times do change, so make sure to double-check them before booking flights

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