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These retreats are organised and run by Paul Brocklehurst under the  auspices of The Stammering Self-Empowerment Programme CIC, a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company registered in the UK, dedicated to helping people who stutter.


Paul Brocklehurst

Chemin de Yese,

64490 Etsaut


French Mobile +33 6 32 91 55 23

English Mobile +44 7986 153 425




Paul Brocklehurst

Paul has been an active member of the stuttering self-help movement for many years. He has a mild stutter (but was once severe). He currently works as director of the Stammering Self-Empowerment Programme C.I.C. which hosts a free online therapy course for people who stutter. He has degrees in speech therapy and in psycholinguistics (the psychology of language), and has a particular interest in the relationship between stuttering and speech errors (which was the topic of his PhD and associated research at the University of Edinburgh). 

In addition to his work with stuttering, Paul is a keen practitioner of mindfulness/ meditation. He was originally trained in Zen, and over the years has helped set up and run a number of (non-aligned) meditation groups. In his spare time, more than anything, he loves to walk in wild remote environments. 


Stéphanie Hersant

Stéphanie began her pathway in the field of plant knowledge as a child. Her passion for exploring nature led her to develop a sensitivity and practical knowledge that she completed through her studies in Ecology and Herbalism. As a practitioner of meditation, Stéphanie trained for 10 years in “Active Cellular Listening” (Ecole du CœurTherapeute©) focussing on working with bodily movement and the development of awareness of the body. As a therapist her work involves accompanying clients on their path towards the resolution of emotional and psychological issues.

Amongst other things, Stéphanie uses conscious (mindful) walking as a tool for centring, and developing the connection between the self, body and the natural environment, with the aim of relaxation and enhanced well-being.



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