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Module 1: The Theory Module




In this module, we describe the following aspects of theory...

1. What Causes stammering?

2. The development of secondary symptoms and changes in stammering with age.

3. How and why moments of stammering occur: Possible mechanisms behind the production of stammered disfluencies.

4. The theory behind Orchestral Speech and The Jump.

5. Psychological approaches to stammering management, Including Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

6. The interrelationship between stammering and some wider social issues.


Although it is not strictly necessary to work through these aspects of theory in the order in which we have presented them above, we do suggest that you prioritize the first 4 topics, as these will help you to understand Orchestral Speech and The Jump (which are taught in Modules 2 and 3) and will make you better able to solve any problems that may arise while you are putting them into practice. Whatever the case we suggest you complete the first four topics before commencing the modules on Orchestral Speech and The Jump.

Bear in mind that the more you understand about stammering, the more easily you will be able to adapt the various therapy methods to suit your own unique needs. So, getting to grips with the theory is every bit as important as learning the therapy techniques.

This module is a work-in-progress and we will continue to add more material to it, so do re-visit it from time to time to see what is new.

Once you have finished this module, please remember to complete the questionnaire for the theoretical module

We recommend that you start by working through to the slide-show below, entitled “Five key things you need to know about stuttering in order to start to gain control over it”. Then work through the items on the  causes of stammering page.