Module 3: The Jump




The Jump is the second of two new techniques that we have developed to help you bring your stammering under control. In this module, we describe the rationale behind the technique, and provide comprehensive instructions on how to employ it and how to integrate it with Orchestral Speech.

We recommend that you first work through the introductory slideshow and the online article. Then, complete the practical reading exercises on page 2; work through the suggestions for using The Jump when reading and speaking to other people (on the page 3); and on integrating The Jump with Orchestral Speech on page 4. 

On page 5 of this module you will find answers to some of the more frequent questions that clients have asked and a support email, through which you can contact us with any questions.

On page 6 there is a PowerPoint slideshow in which we explain the role of “glottal stops” in normal speech and stammering. If you frequently find yourself blocking again immediately after jumping over a problem sound, and/or if your blocking is mainly on vowels, an understanding of Glottal stops is particularly important.  

Finally, once you have finished this module, please remember to complete the questionnaire on page 7

Before working through the practical exercises, we recommend that you first read the following online article which provides a more detailed account of The Jump...

The Jump: A powerful new technique to get out of blocks and overcome fear of stuttering

Then, when you are ready, go to the practical exercises on the next webpage...

 Learning to use The Jump  while reading aloud

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