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This course is completely free of charge.


Who is the Online Course for?

The course is for people who stammer (stutter) who are self-motivated and who have an analytical approach to learning and understanding. So, if you are the sort of person who is inquisitive; if you enjoy studying and research; if you like to work things out for yourself; and if you like to experiment with new ideas,  then it should suit you well. 

Please note that this course is designed to help you primarily through helping you to develop a deeper understanding of stammering (stuttering) and the factors that affect it. Consequently, it starts with the Theoretical Module. To gain maximum benefit from the course, make sure you have at least a basic understanding of the theory before going on to attempt the two fluency-enhancing techniques (Orchestral Speech and The Jump).

Although we’ve tried as far as possible to portray the theory and concepts in language that is straightforward and easy to understand, there are times where we have had no choice but to employ some technical terms. Most of these will be familiar to people with a background of school-level psychology. However, if you never did any psychology, you may find that you need to spend some extra time acquainting yourself with some of the terms and underlying concepts. All that you are likely to need is freely available on the web. Wikipedia is often a good starting point.

How to work through the online course

Before starting, please fill in the introductory questionnaire.

We rely upon the data from the questionnaires  you complete to track your progress and to highlight any shortcomings in our materials. They are our only means of continuing to improve the course. So please, do fill in the questionnaires as requested. Even if the course completely fails to work for you, and you abandon it half way through, your feedback will still help us to improve it so that other people can benefit.

Download this CHECKLIST to keep a track of what you have covered as you work through the course

Then, start working your way through the three modules, beginning with Module 1 (the Theory module).

You can work through this course in your own time, moving forward at a rate that is best suited to you. If there are any bits that you find particularly difficult, you can go over them again and again, to ensure you have properly understood them.


Finally, when you finish the course (or when you give up on it) remember to fill in the “After finishing the course” questionnaire!

(this is in addition to the feedback questionnaires at the end of each module.)


6,12, 18 and 24 months after you have started the course, we will ask you to complete a further questionnaire, so we can assess how much the course has benefitted you. The data you provide in these questionnaires will enable us to continue to improve the course.


What to do if you get stuck

If you get stuck, or if you find that one or other of the techniques is not working for you, please do email us to explain what the problem is. It may well be that we have failed to explain something adequately. If so, your feedback will help us to remove any ambiguity or confusion in the text. Whatever the problem, we will do our best to help. Depending on how practical it is (in terms of time and numbers of people requesting help), we may be able to discuss some issues directly with you, over Skype. But we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible.


Please note...

The slide-shows all have audio commentary—which is a vital part of the Online Course. The audio in these slide-shows will only work properly on a computer. If you are using a mobile phone, or if for any reason you can’t get the slide-shows to work properly, click on the links below each slide-show to view a YouTube video of the slideshow.


Good luck!

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