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Progress report for the year ending 30 September 2017

SSEP website and online course

The SSEP has maintained its website and online course throughout the year. Both of which provide free access to a wide variety of teaching and self-help materials for people who stammer.

Online course

This year, 39 people (27males 12 females) completed the initial questionnaire (prior to commencing the course). This was an increase of 50% compared to the year before.  Since first making the course available online, a recurrent has problem has been the lack of ongoing feedback from people who have taken it. To help rectify this, this year we offered extra support and assistance to 3 participants in return for providing us with detailed ongoing feedback about their progress. Consequently, by the end of September 2017 we had accumulated a wealth of feedback which will prove invaluable for updating and improving the online course over the coming year. Details of the progress of these individuals will soon be available on our website in the “Follow-up Data” section.

New Materials

Thanks to Iñaki Sanchez, from the university of Zaragoza in Spain, we have now added our first Spanish translations of some of our online articles.

French Pyrenees Mountain Retreats for people who stammer

This year we held a “walk and talk” week in June and our very first “mindfulness” week in September. Both events were well attended and participants’ feedback suggests they found both weeks enjoyable and helpful.   

Looking Ahead

Spurred on by the feedback we have received from the three participants mentioned above, over the coming year we intend to make substantial changes to the online course, so as to better help clients deal with self-esteem issues and also to deal with symptoms of post-traumatic stress that arise in speaking situations. We also intend to add a section explaining to what extent our fluency techniques can be combined with other techniques taught elsewhere.

In response to the positive feedback we received from the 2017 Walk and Talk and mindfulness events, we have decided to run two more such events in June and September 2018. Full details will be posted soon on our website and Facebook site.

In the coming year we will continue to upgrade the online course and add more articles and translations. 

The online course will continue to be free to all as long as we are able to continue to provide it. This year we will continue offer additional one-to-one support sessions (via Skype) to individuals who request it. 

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