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Can mindfulness help people who stammer?

In recent years, an increasingly impressive body of evidence has emerged indicating that Mindfulness-based therapies constitutes an effective approach for a number of anxiety and stress-related disorders. This has prompted interest, in the stammering world, in the possibility that mindfulness training may help people who stammer to gain better control of their symptoms.

Our own experience of mindfulness training suggests that it can indeed help people who stammer in a number of ways, and we wholeheartedly support the use of mindfulness training, both as a stand-alone activity as well as alongside speech therapy.

The nature of mindfulness practice is such that, in order to really benefit from it, people need ongoing support and guidance. In our opinion, by far the best option is to join a group local to where you live, and to sit with that group on a regular basis.

To help people who stammer gain a deeper insight into how mindfulness can help with stammering, the SSEP has published an online article entitled...

“Mindfulness and Stuttering: How can mindfulness help?

A pdf of this article is also available.

Click on this link to listen to a StutterTalk discussion on Mindfulness, with Dr Tom Weidig and Paul Brocklehurst, recorded at the 2015 IFA conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Finally, each year in September, we will hold a week-long mindfulness retreat for people who stutter—in the French Pyrenees. if you would like to attend one of these retreats, click here for further details



Mindfulness and Stammering

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