Welcome to the Stammering Self-Empowerment Programme (SSEP).

Helping people who stammer (stutter) to achieve their optimal level of fluency and to develop their communication abilities to the fullest extent possible. 


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a combination of education and therapy

The more you know about stammering (stuttering)— including what causes it to develop, how it manifests, and what influences its severity— the better you will be able to control it.

By providing you with an appropriate theoretical framework, our free online course will enable you to understand the rationale behind the various therapies that exist and to adapt them to suit your own unique situation and circumstances.

Our approach to therapy builds upon many of the valuable historical insights of researchers such as Van Riper, Sheehan and Johnson. However, the fluency-enhancing techniques we teach are new. They have been developed by ourselves and inspired by recent advances in psycholinguistic research and theory. In particular, these new techniques all share a common aim: to enable you to develop a robust degree of confidence that, even if you find yourself blocking, you will still be able to quickly and efficiently get your messages across. As this confidence develops, the tendency to block will reduce and the severity of your secondary symptoms will decreaseThe key advantage of the techniques we teach to get you through your blocks is that they feel (and sound) very natural, and once learned, they can be employed in everyday life situations with a minimum of effort. This means that, unlike many of the more traditional techniques, they do not slow you down or get in the way of your ability to focus on what you want to say.

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We will continue to add more over the coming months.

Just to clarify—this online course is indeed, genuinely, completely and utterly free. There are no hidden charges. The only thing we ask in return is that you complete the various questionnaires that accompany the course, in order to provide us with feedback of your progress. This is so that we can continue to improve the course for people in the future.



Education and self help for people who stammer

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